Customer Compliance and Warranty

Mining, connecting and analyzing customer complaints to further improve design quality
and manufacturing quality for a Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturer

A Fortune 1,000 Automotive company turned to Intuceo’sBig Data Analytics offering in hopes of decreasing company complaints by gaining insight into the their product. With a customized portal and text analytic dashboard, Intuceo automated Neuro Linguistic Programming of the company’s unstructured data and extracted trends to help them reduce manual efforts from days to minutes. The variety of visualizations in the dashboard gave management the opportunity to use exploration and analysis in an easy, comprehendible fashion.

With the help of Intuceo’s advanced machine learning technologies, users were able to pick and choose their themes and choice of template design for their convenient perusal. Decision makers are now able to improve warranty effectiveness and customer satisfaction by easily identifying key issues within their
product, resulting in a reduction of wastedcycles.

With the implementation of predictive analytics and trend analysis, this automotive
manufacturer has the ability to indicate degradation and timings of impact on JDP ratings for proactive improvement planning.


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