Financial Advisory:
Measuring Performance

Measuring the performance of investment advisors Identifying the best-performing advisors Determining the right factors that drive success

The client—a leading  global provider of investor  communications and technological solutions for banks,  brokerages, mutual funds, and  corporations—wanted to identify  their best-performing advisors and  the factors that were driving their  success. As their advisors lead from  the front and helped their clients  benefit from a variety of  investments, it is crucial that  advisor performance be measured,  tracked, and guided. After  uploading all of the historical  transaction data of the client’s approximately 6,000  advisors, the Intuceo team classified  and benchmarked advisors by their  performance: for example, the  number of new investor accounts  added in each successive month  (the more, the better), the amount  of cash deposits acquired from  investors per month (the more,  the better), the amount of cash  withdrawals made by investors per month (the less, the better), and so  on.

The Intuceo team factored the  data by demographic and transactional factors—not only for  advisors, but also for investors—  and created several time-based  attributes, including cash deposit amount in the previous  month, quarter, and year.

Intuceo’s HiddenInsightsTM engine generated several hundred  actionable insights by which the  client can now effectively evaluate  its advisors. The most valuable  insights were presented as easy-to-understand charts and  if–then rules that business users  can understand. The insights ridded  the clients weaknesses by helping  to predict the probable  performance of its advisors. The  client was able to implement focus  groups, including training  workshops and corrective actions,  and improve the performance of its non-performing advisors—  establishing best practices that the  entire global advisory team can  follow.


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