Enhancing Customer Experience

Increasing children’s learning retention and enhancing customer experience with precise predictive targeting

A producer of a gaming  systems company turned to  Intuceo for help in increasing  customer lifetime value (CLV).

Their focus was on cross-  selling to the right customers  in order to increase retention  while enhancing customer  experience simultaneously.  Intuceo built a CLV predictive  model by preprocessing the  client’s historical customer  data, engineered attributes  for customers whose first-

month purchases were similar  to the historical transactions  and then filtered customers  into classes by revenue  generated over the two years  after their first purchase.

Revenue bins were predicted with 94% accuracy using  Intuceo’s custom ensemble  models. Hundreds of insights were  generated that would not  have been discovered using traditional analytics—and in a  fraction of the usual time.

Intuceo surfaced hidden  insights that were translated  into an easy-to- understand  visualization for business  employees.

Customer segmentation  became innovative and  convenient, users were now  able to predict future  outcomes by class, race, age,  gender and were able to  identify trends.

For example, we were able  to reveal that December and  January are big months for  first-time game purchases,  they are the lowest-yielding  months in terms of CLV  (therefore, the company  should not focus cross-selling  during this time period). This  influenced the client to use  marketing campaigns more  effectively, saving both money  and time.


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