Augment your inner Data Scientist
with Intuceo-Ax self-service AI

Self Service

With a fully automated workflow, tap into your inner Data Scientist and explore
your data, mine patterns, create predictive models and generate visualizations

Intuceo uncovers actionable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.
Intuceo results are easy to understand, shaping business decisions.
Intuceo increases analytic productivity with end-to-end automation.
Intuceo is priced competitively, reducing analytic overhead.

How It Works

A cloud based, fully-automated and easy-to-use  augmented analytics tool that allows business analysts and SME’s
to conduct rapid analytic studies by combining insight and foresight analysis.

Features of our self-service architecture

DataSharp™ rapid preprocessor

Dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to preprocess data for best insights.

InsightExplorer™ scenario planner

Explores deeply hidden patterns with easy to use augmented analytics interface and conducts what-if analyses to find optimal strategic actionable insights.

HiddenInsights™ deep insight extractor

Uncovers many deeply hidden patterns that traditional analytic tools fail to identify. Visualize your insights in data easily and identify right actionable insights for business.

BoldVistas™ predictive modeler

Trains a tailor-made model with standard and proprietary algorithms to predict behaviors and the reasons for those behaviors. Our BoldVista engine is unique in making black-box complex models to open up for further analysis to understand the drivers behind the predictions.

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