Pharmaceutical Retail

Reducing patient non-compliance
Increasing revenue and helping to save lives

The client, one of the largest US  supermarket chains, turned to  Intuceo to help its pharmacies reduce  patient non-compliance. Also known as “medication non-adherence” patient non-compliance  is when patients fail to follow their  prescriptions properly—or even  more harmful, stop taking their  medications all together. When  pharmacy customers refill their  prescriptions late or not at all, it  reduces the revenues of  pharmaceutical manufacturers and  pharmacies, and worsens the  overall quality of pharmaceutical  distributors, costing patients their  lives.

Using Intuceos’ technology, our  proprietary analytic and  predictive technology, our team of  data scientists identified which  patients visiting which pharmacies  were more or less likely to comply or be at risk of non-compliance. On  this basis, we developed a model  that could account for the risk of  non-compliance per patient and  type of medication.

The project was completed in a  fraction of the time it would have  taken data scientists to crunch the  numbers using traditional analytics.  The Intuceo team focused on  actionable insights that would allow  the client to contact the at-risk  customers directly. The findings  were presented as simple

visual insights (see the figure) and  easy-to-understand if–then rules  that even non-specialists could  understand. The findings gave the  client an understanding of which  factors were driving patient non-  compliance at its pharmacies, why  non-compliance was happening,  and how to mitigate the issue for  the health of its customers and the  client’s balance sheet. The resulting  targeted interventions with  customers at risk of non-compliance  not only increasing revenues, but  also saving lives—a triple win for the client’s pharmacies, their customers and society.


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