Spellchecker, Communication Consistency

Implemented a 98% accurate spellchecker for a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Company to increase communication consistency

The client—a subsidiary of one of  the largest global medical device,  pharmaceutical, and consumer goods  manufacturers—requested that Intuceo  build a customized spellchecker for  the business intelligence (BI) system  of its vision-care products.

Users often times make mistakes  while entering product and brand  information into the BI system,  including misspelled words,  unnecessary spaces or punctuation,  association of products with the  wrong brands, and so on. When the  data is used by other BI tools (e.g., for  analytical reporting), mistakes are  passed on. Off-the-shelf spellcheckers  correct general English, but they  cannot be relied upon for specialized  terms.

This poses a problem for business  users, who have to use their  subjective product knowledge to  catch mistakes and enter (what they  assume is) the correct information  into their deliverables. It also  compromises the integrity of  deliverables if business users miss  mistakes or fail to make manual fixes.

In any case, correcting the data  manually takes considerable time,  causing delays in reporting, decision  making, and other activities.

With the help of our DataSharpTM  preprocessor, the Intuceo team mined  the BI product data and identified  columns where users feed  information.

Process Steps:

1.Cleaned the text data by  removing special characters and  replacing abbreviations with full  words

2.Built a vision-care dictionary that  contained all specialized terms  and the correct brand and  product names.

3.Devised a spellcheck algorithm  with accompanying if–then rules  that corrects mistakes and  associates products with the  right brands

The customized spellchecker achieves 98% accuracy and our client  can now generate BI reports instantly,  leading to faster decision-making  throughout the organization.


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